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Mr. Kanagawa

We arose at the usual hour and packed our belongings for shipment to Kyoto. Today was the day we would go to our sister hotel next-door and have breakfast on the 12th floor. The breakfast was somewhat better and there was a chef making omelettes if you chose to have one. After breakfast we all met in the lobby and were dispatched to our various hosts for a home visit. Denise myself Cynthia and Diana Drew Mr., Kanagawa. We taxied to his home and were warmly greeted by him. He immediately took us into his garden which he was very proud. It had numerous Japanese concrete lanterns of various sizes, ornamental plants, Pinetree's, bonsai, and vegetables. After approximately a 30 minute visit in the garden we went into his home and had tea. He presented us with a present and we return the favor. He then discuss the number of topics including politics, some Japanese history, his personal achievements and other various topics. He then showed us his home which had a beautiful Buddhist shrine as well as other unique features of special interest was a pulldown cabinet in the in the kitchen that we had not seen in America. He then had a tall partake of a calligraphy lesson and we each crew hey specific symbol with the help of his assistant. I was getting anxious about the time but Mr. Ken ago it was on top of it and the taxicab showed up at the appropriate time. We return to the hotel gathered up her belongings and taxi to the train station. We had lunch at a restaurant near the train station which seem to be better for the vegetarians that it was for the other folks at least in my opinion we had time to kill in the train station so we do little shopping and Denise bought a necklace. We then board of the Thunderbird JR train and approximately two hours later we arrived in Kyoto. We taxied to our hotel and checked in. Found the vending machines and laundromat and partook of a refreshing beer. We want to dinner at a local restaurant and enjoyed a pretty good meal. I then decided to walk down to the river to check out some riveraise restaurant The walk was much longer than we anticipated so we took a cab back to the hotel.it was Saturday night and there were millions of people out and about.

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