Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog

Karen on the road to Seward

Legion Post 5

Seward American Legion

We got off to an early start for Seward this morning. On the way by Anchorage we stopped at the Sam's Club to reprovision. Karen wanted steak and we usually get good meat from there.

It was another gorgeous drive today. Went past one inlet that has 30 foot tide differential. Saw a couple of moose out in the water grazing. Couldn't stop in time to get a picture. Don't know if we'll ever get a good picture of a moose. It rained on us for the last third of the drive. We planned on staying at one of the city owned campgrounds. Well it seems they were all full already and were diverting the overflow to a school parking lot for $20 a night.

Didn't want to do that so Karen called the American Legion in Seward to see if they had anywhere we could park or knew of anywhere we could go. She talked to Mike at the Legion and he had a place for us if we could get in it.

It took a little finesse but we got into the spot and are very thankful for it. Thank you American Legion Post 5! They said this townswells by 20,000 people on this weekend. Wow!

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