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Little Tok River

Carin looking for wildlife

Home at Tulsana

Graham washing his truck

Carin with boat at a small rainbow trout lake

Mosquitoes full of my blood

Copper River

Mount Sanford

Mount Drum

Chitna Sign

Fish wheels in Copper River

Upclose fish wheels

Men dipnetting

On an island in Copper River

Fisherman dragging his salmon catch

Fisherman and his salmon catch

McCarthy Sign and dirt road

An old building

Old rare Greek Orthodox cemetary

Grahams truck with boat sticking out

The boat hit something

The creek in front of campsite

Carin trying to fly fish

Carin with her fly stuck in her boot

RV had to cross and old wooden bridge

We made it

Mountain Range

The road from Chicken to the Alaska Highway took a long time since it was still off and on dirt, and big rolling hills that forced you to drive very slowly. If you tried to go 40 miles an hour, it felt like the truck on the back would snap off. We headed down the Alaska Highway for 12 miles and took the Tok Cutoff, through Glennallen to Tulsona.

Once we left the Chicken road, we finally got back to beautiful mountain ranges and lots of water.

The deeper we got into Alaska the more beautiful the scenery became.

The river is the Little Tok River.

It was so beautiful we just had to stop.

Tulsona Wilderness Campground, home away from home, was situated 1 mile from the main road, away from noise, and right next to the Tulsona Creek. It was perfect for us. We will stay here for 5 days, since fishing is right at our door step.

We got camp set up late, but since it is June 21, the longest day of the year, who cares. We had dinner and were fishing in the creek by 10pm. We tried both fly fishing and spinners, but were only able to catch these little tiny, about 3 inch, fish. What a hoot! Lots of fun and fished until late, but tomorrow we will try Lake Tulsona.

Oh, did I mention the mosquitos, the Alaska bird! Well there are a millions of them. I swatted one in the RV and it was so gorged with blood, probably mine, that it splattered all over the blind. What a mess! That’s why you see me in full netting while I am fishing. I had a spot in the back of my golf hat that wasn’t covered with net, you know the little space where the Velcro snaps together, well they found that spot a bit my head right through my hair. Buggers!

Again, Graham is out washing his truck. Keeps him happy!

Lake Tulsona is no longer! guess they had a bad freeze last year that froze the entire lake and all the fish died. We saw another one of those animals that look like beavers. I think we have figured out that they are muskrats, whatever they are.

We did find a nice little lake to take the boat on.

The mountains we saw while driving back into Tulsana are Mount Sanford and Mount Drum.

Today we are driving to Chitina and the Copper River area. What an interesting area. Chitina is at the end of the Edgerton Highway. We like to take side trips when we stay somewhere for a few days. Chitina use to be a bustling town and was considered for the capital of Alaska.

For many Alaskans today, Chitina is a destination for dip netting for Famous Copper River Red Salmon, a fishery only open to Alaska residents.

The picture is of the Copper and Chitina rivers.

Many fish wheels, which are used by registered Alaskans to catch salmon line the banks of the rivers. They can catch 100 salmon in one hour using a fish wheel.

The dip netters have to just hope they can snag a salmon in their nets as they drag their nets from one end of the island to the other.

They are in the middle of the Copper River on an island.

This works because we saw one fisherman with about 10 salmon dragging behind him. That lucky Alaskan!!

There are many abandoned cabins all along the road. I wish I knew the stories behind them.

We came across a rare graveyard that showed the lingering Russian influence left from the days before Alaska was purchased by the United States. “Spirit Houses” and colorful painted fences an original blend of Russian Orthodox and local Native culture. I made Graham stop so that I could get a picture. They are rare right!

And then we had a tiny accident. We were at the cemetery talking to someone that lives in the area and a car parked behind our truck. When we pulled out Graham didn’t see the car, and the boat hit the top part of their rented Rave 4. That was an unfortunate event. It took us over an hour to settle up with all the info. We are just glad that the boat was in sticking out the back of the truck. It could have been a lot worse.

Even with the accident, it was still a great day. We had dinner at a local dive and went home to catch more fish.

I love to fly fish and I know there are fish in this creek because Graham caught a couple of them last night. The trouble is I am covered with a net over my head and I have wool gloves on. The fly keeps getting stuck on my gloves and somehow the mosquitos keep getting in my netting.

At one point, my fly was stuck on the bottom of my boots and I couldn’t see it. It’s fun but sometimes it can be just too much. I have more fun watching Graham fish.

We are leaving tomorrow but I wanted to show you our home away from home. Graham has made this cleaver netted tent area that I can go in to read or BQ and the bugs can’t get in. I love it! We ate dinner out there tonight and didn’t get one bite! Yipee.

To get to the campsite office we had to cross this precarious wooded bridge. Just wide enough for us to clear. We made it but it was a worry. I wouldn’t ride in the RV until he crossed the bridge.

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