Hindson Travels in France 2016 travel blog

Michael in his Business Class seat

Trip monitor on plane. Just about to land in Paris

Welcome to Paris

The day of our flight did not go without hitches. I became unwell the day before with a very bad cough so made an appointment with Dr for 10.45, and our flight pickup was scheduled for 11.30 so was hoping Dr was on time. He was, and told just a virus but he did give me some antibiotics just in case it went down to my chest. So far so good I haven't needed them, but my cough is still quite bad.

Our car pickup was 10 minutes early but we were ready so off we went to the airport with all our suitcases.

We went through customs without a hitch, and sat in Singapore lounge for a couple of hours before our flight. Our flight from Melbourne to Singapore was on time and a very good ride with excellent service as always from the flight attendants. We had a 2 hour wait over at Singapore but again was able to go to their lounge (we flew Business class so we could sleep properly on the plane).

The second part of our journey went without a hitch and we eventually worked out how to change the chair to a bed. I must admit that we did not sleep very well but far better than sitting up in a chair for 24 hours. The plane ride had a few bumpy patches but nothing too bad.

We landed on time in Paris, and as soon as we stepped off the plane their were police checking our passports to our faces. We then wound our way to the customs area, and people complain about the length of time getting through Australian customs. Well Paris airport had only one customs officer in a booth and it was very, very slow and extremely hot inside. He stamped our Passport, and again worked our way to the baggage consoles and found our suitcases. Hoorey!!!! We were picked up by a Scenic driver who took us to our Hotel, but the journey to the hotel was quite long. We thought the traffic was bad in Italy but here is Paris it is grid locked most of the day. It is very noisy with the cars continually using their car horns, the Police are off to some emergency with their sirens blaring all the time. There is no way we would driver here, as it seems you make up the road rules as you push your way into the traffic.

Anyway all of it is an experience, and very French. It is fascinating to be here, and every now and again have to pinch myself that we are actually here.

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