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Karen, what can I write about today? Well, you could write about the beautiful manicure that I got today. Ok, there I did it! Ha! Spent some time looking over maps and brochures trying to decide on what direction we will head next. Our plans are written in jello you know, changing, shifting and shaking back and forth. I don't know if I've mentioned this but we have entered Alaska from Canada 3 times on this trip already.

Seems strange but true. When we got back from lunch a guy comes roaring in with a HR Scepter pulling an enclosed trailer. Over the next hour I got acquainted with Sven, he's originally from Sweden and came to America 17 years ago. He's retired from Volvo and says Volvo sent him over here to build a prototype truck for them. He is an interesting fellow and showed me his UTV.

they are made in New Mexico and he gave $18,000 for it. Street legal and licensed, pretty cool.

He also has a kayak on the roof of the trailer. Oh, did I mention he is 79 years young?

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