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Chief cook

Matanuska River Valley

Karen and Musk Ox

Musk Ox

Karen was up bright and early this morning to make biscuits and gravy for our breakfast. That girl can sure cook, self taught is the story I got.

It was dang good! Back on the road, Glenn Highway, towards Wasilla again for a prescription run.

This is a picture of Matanuska River and I thought it deserved posting. It is just beautiful through here too. I know I keep repeating myself but everywhere we go is just beautiful. Except one. Karen was bound and determined she wanted to go to the Musk Ox Farm that we had passed twice before so we stopped for the tour.

I learned something too. The musk ox isn't an ox at all, or a bison. It is actually a big goat! Really. It is half as handsome and twice as smelly as a goat too!

I got downwind of a couple of them and it took my breath away, ha. Karen thought they were a huge type of ox or bison but it turned out they are only about waist high. She wasn't too impressed either especially for the $20. We're Wallydocking tonight.


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