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Koi picture at the art museum


Woodworking mural

Strips from wood block designs

Woke up at 5:30 and went up on the roof to look at Mount Fuji it was pouring rain and visibility was about 1000 feet or less . Needless to say Fuji was not in sight We did breakfast and then boarded our bus to head to lake Ashi for a boat cruise of the lake. It was still raining pretty hard though the boat trip was somewhat of a bust. At the end of the boat trip we went to the Narukawa museum. We took some photos of some of the portraits were pictures and learn how the page were made from natural pigment. We then went to a Lakeside restaurant for a buffet lunch that was fantastic. After lunch we went to a wood craft workshop where the artist explain to us how he puts the various woods together to make patterns and then shave them very thinly and uses them to make inlaid boxes and other works of art. A number of people in our group purchased various items as the work done there was exquisite. We then went to the open air museum notwithstanding the fact that it was still raining. There were a number of outdoor sculptures and a indoor Picasso museum. The Picasso museum was really good. After we walked around in the rain for a while we came across a foot bath where we were able to sit down and soak our feet in 65°C wafter. We tried to get some Aleve for Denise but were unsuccessful. Back at the hotel we had another unremarkable meal. The hotel itself was somewhat dated and although the breakfast where OK the dinners were not. Denise and I wrote an email to Yoshi indicating our displeasure with his efforts today. After partaking of a little bit of wine we called it a night.

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