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The Cathedral of Wells

Ceiling of the Wells Cathedral

An Angel from Chicago

The Saxon Baptismal Pre 1066

Entering the Bishop's House, Wells

Bath, On Our Way to the Bath Cathedral

The Three "Mates"

The Bath Cathedral

The Bath Cathedral

The Ceiling of the Bath Cathedral

The Norman Baptismal of the Bath Cathedral

Once upon a time, in the 11th Century, there was a Bishop of Somerset whose See was the City of Wells. Wells had a a very nice Saxon church, but over in the neighboring City of Bath was a more trendy Norman Cathedral. Never wanting to appear to be out of fashion, the Bishop moved his see to Bath. The good people of Wells decided to give the Bishop an option. It is always good to have options. They began to build their own Cathedral, but not just any Cathedral, but the first "English Gothic" Cathedral, a new architectural style. After sixty-nine years, the good people of Wells invited the current Bishop over for a look. He liked what he saw,especially the stone bishop throne, the only one of its kind. Bishop thrones were usually made of wood. He packed up and moved back to Wells. The good people of Bath not willing to lose their prestige petitioned the higher ups to keep the See. The higher ups, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make both cities the See. Wells became the First Cathedral of the Bath and Wells See and Bath became the Second Cathedral.The Normans may have won the Battle of Hastings but not the Battle of the Cathedrals. The good people of Wells keep their Saxon baptismal font, thus blending their Saxon heritage with their new identity of being English.

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