2016 Finally on the road again travel blog

Final days of prep before we leave. Discharged from hospital on Jun 17, eye appointment, final on cataract on 23rd,24th had a surprise call from the doctors' office needed blood work done before my appointment Monday and Mike had a surprise dentist appointment on Friday. Had dinner with the Eiffert's last night, the 25th. 26th, Today Mike is moving the el Camino to another friends house and we have dinner with good friends the Bookter's. Monday 27th is dessert with Danielsen's and Murphy's. Tuesday 28th is lunch bunch and then dinner with John & Midge Stapleton. Oh, and on Monday I have to throw in a doctor's appointment and get signed off on the back. He probably won't be happy I am leaving on WednesEay.

Today I am washing sheets and things and finally Wed morning we head south for a few days and then turn East and head to Mass. We will be back in November but I will post more regularly now.

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