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We headed back up Highway 50 on the east side of Lake Tahoe but this time we took Highway 28 instead of staying on 50 to Carson City. As we approached Kings Beach on the top of the lake we both felt like we saw some things that looked familiar. We decided to stop to take some pictures and for ice cream and were able to enjoy our treats on the patio which meant Ranger was able to stay with us. We saw a few RVs in an area that could have been where we stayed in 1983, but when we went back to check it out we realized in was more a storage area than RV park and in the end we decided it probably was not.

Since we were still trying to figure out the best route to leave this area on Wednesday, we decided to continue on Hwy. 28 to Hwy. 89 on the west side of the lake. It was when we got on Hwy. 89 that Stan realized this was vaguely familiar to him. He remembered the road into where we stayed in '83 was a pretty "hairy" road. As we traveled around the lake we decided either he was confusing it with another trip or they had rebuilt the road in 33 years. As we neared the south end of the lake he realized neither of those was correct. This was indeed the road we had traveled and it is still "hairy" with drop offs on either side of a very narrow road. By the time we got to South Lake Tahoe, we were convinced we had stayed here 33 years ago. Now to figure out where if possible.

There is another RV park that fits some of what we remember. We knew we stayed in a park that was close to the lake and close to the casinos, but still in California. I remembered seeing an RV Park just off Hwy. 50 so we headed there and found the Campground by the Lake owned and operated by the city of South Lake Tahoe. It is directly across Hwy. 50 from a very nice beach. Check. It's a large park in town off the highway. Check. It is about a 5 minute drive to Stateline, Nevada where there are casinos practically on the state line. Check.

So our goals for the day were met...sort of. We did find the park we stayed in in 1983. But...we did not find a good road for our exit. The west side of the lake on Hwy. 89 is not for us. We could use the east side on Hwy. 50 and 28, but the area going north from there is unknown. So it looks like 8-10 miles of 6% grade downhill to Carson City is our safest bet. In its favor is the road is good and there are several large pull offs where we can let our brakes cool off.

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