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Mountains over the lake

Mountains 2

Lake Tahoe at Nevada Beach

Ranger likes Nevada Beach

Sailboat on Lake Tahoe

Wait what is that?

Water Stilts

Yesterday we headed east to the Tahoe Valley RV Resort in South Lake Tahoe, California. This is an Encore Thousand Trails park set in a pine forest. It is the kind of park you think of when camping is involved. It reminds me of camping at a state park in East Texas. When we finally maneuvered our fifth wheel thru the obstacle course of tall pines while avoiding the cement picnic table and leaving enough room for slide outs (quite the juggling act I must say), we were able to set up.

Having paid for a premium site we were a little disappointed to find they only had 30 amps at our site. The office was busy checking in new campers so they told us to come back tomorrow to check for a 50 amp site. Of course by that time, Stan did not want to move thru another obstacle course and we decided one air conditioner should be able to handle highs in the 77-81 range especially since we were in the shade all day. We had to do a lot of work to get the satellite dish to pick up thru the trees and it never did pick up all the channels, but I can get the Rangers games so I'm happy.

Today we drove up the east side of Lake Tahoe to Carson City. We are trying to figure out where we stayed in 1983 when we were camping with our 6 yr. old and an almost 3 yr. old. I have to admit my memory is spotty since the majority of my attention was focused on the kids. We remember taking a day trip to Carson City which we both remembered as a small town. When we arrived in Carson City this afternoon, we realized very quickly we are both wrong on this issue. Now we are thinking we may have looked around Carson City briefly, but the small old west town was most likely in Virginia City 16 miles away. We felt like it was getting too late to continue on to Virginia City today. We will pick it up later.

Another thing we discovered on this day trip was that the road we plan to take heading home entails an 8-10 mile downhill stretch on a 6% grade. That doesn't sound like much, but with a fifth wheel 6% grade for 8-10 miles is a lot of wear and tear on both the truck brakes and the trailer brakes. We've decided to research another possible route with less stress.

We did stop at Nevada Beach and paid $2 to take pictures for 15 minutes. We parked and got out so Stan could take pictures while I walked Ranger. As we were headed back to the truck we saw what amounted to a man on water stilts. He was standing on a platform that was forced up by 2 jets of water. Stan took still photos but could not take video. I took video on my phone and posted it on Facebook, but haven't been able to download from my phone to the computer so I could post here. I'll keep working on it.

As far as figuring out where we stayed 33 years ago goes, we are at a standstill. For a while Stan thought perhaps we stayed in Reno because he remembered driving a short distance and suddenly there were casinos. I was sure we didn't stay in Reno because it is to far away from the lake. I feel like we were in South Lake Tahoe...not in the campground we're in now, but something close by.

After looking at the map, Stan has agreed that Reno is out. Now he thinks we were on the north side of Lake Tahoe. So tomorrow we will drive up the east side of the lake again, but take highway 28 around the north part of Lake Tahoe. Stan also wants to find a road that is more trailer friendly. We'll see.

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