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Today we arose bright and early at 6 AM and did our laundry. We met with the rest of the group at about 845 and walked into town for breakfast burritos at yokolicious. We all order burritos and Annie ordered. a medium order of garlic fries to go along with everything else we were eating just in case it wasn't enough. It was very good and after breakfast we walk through Yokosuka for a little shopping. Kelly decided she wanted a set of navy fatigues so we went to the NEX which turned out to be the wrong place. Shopping was at a minimum as the prices were not competitive. We then walked to the other. NEX that had uniforms . Kelly bought some navy paraphernalia and the niece bought some under armor T-shirts We walked back to the gateway and cleared our room and met downstairs for a final goodbye. Denise and I then took a taxi to the JR train At which time we bought tickets to Tokyo and took the train to our hotel. In getting off the train the directions were not explicit so we stopped at the police station and they were kind enough to direct us to the hotel. We check in and then went downstairs to get the Wi-Fi information and we ran into Yoshi who proceeded to give us a mini orientation. We then went to the 82 pub for a beer and then Denise and I set off to explore the area for a restaurant. We ended up at a series of restaurants on the fifth floor of the termina. We stopped at one place for a couple of glasses of wine and then went on to a sushi restaurant for dinner. After dinner we walked back to the hotel, stopped at the 7-Eleven for some snacks, and then retired to our room.

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