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Top of the World Highway Sign

View of the miles of dirt road

Mother and baby Moose

Cute Mooses

View at about 12:30pm

We finally made it. Very Happy! 1:30pm

We might see the sun set tonight. Maybe.

We can see the U.S. border

Can't believe we saw 2 porcupines up here.

The border with Canada and U.S. flags flying

First in line at border at 6:30am

This is the dirt and dust we would have followed

Lots of beautiful native flowers

This is what the line looked like shortly after we got there

The border sign at Poker Creek. Population 3

We can see the Alaska border. Yipee!!

Dirty Truck again. Just want you to see the dirt.

Last of the Yukon till we head back home.

We were packed up, gassed up and across the ferry by 10:30pm last night on the way to the “Top of the World Highway”.

It’s 11:35 at night and the dirt road goes on for miles. Oh a black bear just ran across the street in front of us!! It will take us about 3 hours to get to the border.

Now we just followed a mother moose and her baby about a half mile down the dirt highway. We are seeing more animals tonight than we have in the last 2 weeks. It’s fun to be on the road and at night time when everyone else is sleeping.

We have our lights on but we don’t need them. Tonight we hope to see the sun set at around 1am, and maybe see it rise again. We haven’t seen a single vehicle so far tonight. Thank God because the dust is already killing my sinuses.

We finally reach the Top of The World Sign. I am very happy to be here. We are really out in the middle of nowhere and at the top of the ridge line on this road.

You can see that the sun is almost set but not quite. This road is closed most of the year because of the snow. It’s a heavenly feeling to see all this beauty so far away from everything. I want you all to realize that these pictures of the Top of the World are being taken at about 12:30 at night.

We were shocked to come across a porcupine crossing the road. What was it doing this high in the mountains? We saw another one before the night was over.

We pulled off the road around 1:30am and slept till 6am. We wanted to be in the front of the line at the border so we didn’t have to eat dirt all the way to the town of Chicken.

We could see the border from the road and it was cool to see the Canadian and U.S. flags both flying.

We were the first in line Thank God cause look at the dust coming behind us. We don't care cause we are first!!

There are lots of native flowers growing along the road all through Canada. I was never able to stop the RV long enough to get a picture until we reached the border. These are wild lupine.

The RV line behind us just kept growing and it was only about 7:30. The border opened at 9am.

Seeing the border from a distance just makes us wonder how they determined that the Alaska & Canada border should be at Poker Creek Alaska. I pity the 3 people that have to work at that border. Its 120 miles from the nearest town in either direction.

Alaska border was just ahead of us. The US border agent confiscated our apples because they were from New Zealand? Whatttt??

We have another dirty truck picture.

We say good-by to the Yukon.

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