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AK 4 to Valdez

Karen's snowball

We stayed overnight at a pullout on the road to Valdez.

The Alaskan Pipeline was just west of us. If you can see a faint white line in front of the motorhome, that is the pipeline. Cool. I got up about two oclock and saw the moon rising.

It was almost daylight since the sun went down around midnight. The road to Valdez is by far the most beautiful we've driven on. The last 75 miles especially.

We were stopped at the viewing points more than we were driving I'm sure. Karen had to stop and throw a snowball at me. She missed.

She did have to wade across the ditch to get to the snow and she said it wasn't that cold. We're holed up here at Valdez for a few days. A glacier and wildlife cruise is scheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed the Karen gets to see some whales, please and thank you!

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