Where in the world are Wayne and Donna off to travel blog

yup - walked by this place 3 times & didn't notice it...

Train day again today as we are off to Cheltenham for 4 nights. The frugal Turners had booked the 4:45 train as it was half the price of the noon departure and who wouldn't want more time in Tenby? Donna had arranged with the hotel to store our packs for the day as checkout was 10 am. Only problem was, come morning, the rain was bouncing off the pavement and it was windy so not the greatest strolling the beach and seawall weather and 7 hours to kill - DOH!!!

We set the record for the longest visit ever to the Pembrokeshire National Park info center watching every possible video after a very long chat with one of the volunteers about local history and language. It seemed it was time to move along before they called the cops to remove a pair of vagrants. The rain was still thundering down so off we trundled to a coffee shop to sip Americano's and use the Internet. After nursing a coffee about as long as humanly possible we decided pizza sounded good so off to a place around the corner for lunch. More internet work followed until we noticed they actually closed for a couple of hours in the afternoon and were patiently waiting for us to leave. Back to the wet streets - time was passing slower than it did in high school physics!!! At long last 4 pm came along and we squished our way to the train. Nice and cozy now we made our 2 train changes with no issues, rolling through Wales and up to Cheltenham at 9:25pm. We had written out our Google directions this time as we were NOT going to get caught like we did in Tenby - somewhere to go and no idea how to get there!!! Google promised easy 30 minute walk to B&B - piece of cake. Except.....the directions took us up a dark bike path with little signage so we slightly overshot our exit but finally emerged to streets and were on our way - no biggie. Trying to read soggy paper with steamed up glasses in the dark gloom was not easy so we were very happy to find a lighted street map posted by the road. There is Sanford (our destination) we cried and off we hustled to find our little flat. We made a couple of turns not noted on our directions but......the Cheltenham map said to go this way so it has to be right - right??? So when we finally found Sandford after about a mile further than Google told us to go - stupid Google. Turning up Sandford where our flat should be and there it wasn't. Puzzled (to be polite!) we walked the half mile length of Sanford only to see a sign saying Sanford Road. Problem was we needed Sanford Street - double DOH! . All the way back into town we pulled soggier directions out again and were slowly walking the block we had gone by 3 times by now! Carefully following every direction listed on our Google directions we looked up and............low and behold - there it was, right where our directions said it would be!!! Wayne peered out from under his umbrella and while Donna was going in circles on one corner he tentatively said - "it's that it?" 3 TIMES we walked by in the pouring rain and neither of us saw it - good thing this holiday is coming to an end soon!

Nina, our host, was patiently waiting for us (over an hour late by now!) and all was good except we were both covered in sweat from the extra couple of miles with full packs. Good first impression I'm sure! Nina announced shortly after our arrival that she was not going to be at home for the duration of our stay so we had her flat all to ourselves. Hmmmmmmm, maybe tardy, sweaty and disheveled guests could have had something to do with her sudden decision to.............run. Anyway it is a great little place and after a shower and change of clothes we settled in for a very, very late meal. Time to explore tomorrow.

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