Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog

Glenn Highway (AK 1)

Matanuska River and Wrangell Mountains

At a pullout via Wasilla

We were on the road not too early, Karen had to work on her diary.... No comment. Anyway we enjoyed a wonderful scenic drive to Wasilla.

Had more traffic today it seemed after we made the Fairbanks cutoff. The road narrowed the further we traveled and I wondered when it was going to turn into a goat path, Haha. There were some breathtaking drops from the highway, like maybe a thousand feet or more straight down without any guard rails. Yikes, don't gawk around and watch the road Max!

Wonder how many went off the road around here? We stopped at one pullout area.

There was a couple fishing there but didn't see them catch anything. We made it to Wasilla CVS which is in a Target store there. Picked up some meds and have to go back next week for the rest. We had scratched Valdez off our list, but now it is back on as we have made some reservations for a wildlife cruise (whales) there.

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