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Last nights sunset

Made me smile!

Monto - RV friendly town

Burnett River - a little dry.....

Our campsite for the night

21/6/2016 Tuesday

A lazy start on a cold morning - overnight temperature in surrounding areas was as low as 6 degrees - a good reason to stay snuggled up in bed until 8.30am. We had all the blankets and rugs on us and I had my hot water bottle last night, so we weren't cold. When we arose, the van was dripping, although there'd been no rain. But the sun was glorious, and we warmed up quite quickly and were on the road at 9.30am.

We stopped at Monto and spent an hour or more looking around this small RV friendly town, having a coffee there - and Ian had his second pie of the trip. He's done well to keep it at 2!

We continued on to Eidsvold where we had a sandwich for a very late lunch, then on to Gayndah, where we are for the night. We checked out a couple of free camps on the way - the first was quite uneven, and the second closed as a free camp. Our Camps book is rather old (#6), although another van drove in just in front of us and they had Camps 8, and it was listed. Anyhow, the people concerned have the right to close down any sites as they please. And where we are is quite ok.

It is so much nicer driving on the inland roads - not as much traffic and beautiful scenery. Sometimes the roads aren't the best, but they're all bitumen, and not as bad as the road between Moura and Rollingstone at the beginning of our trip. The coast road is ok if you're in a hurry, but we're not. We drove through undulating country with mountains in the distance with beautiful cloud formations over the top, then down into the valleys of farming areas. A different 'bush' again.

This free camp area is just about full now - about 15 overnighters in all sorts of vehicles.

Another good day.

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