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Alpe di Siusi campsite - breakfast with a view

View from campsite

Alpe di Siusi - Val Ciaman hike

Alpe di Siusi - Val Ciaman hike

Alpe di Siusi - Val Ciaman hike

Val Ciaman hike - another alpine hut

Well, hello there!

"This water is .................... cold!"

Giro d'Italia goes through here

A chat after church

When your raincoat leaks, you have to improvise

Hike to top of Sciliar - the "tippy top" is the left...

Hike to top of Sciliar

Hike to top of Sciliar

Hike to top of Sciliar

9,000 foot Summit and inevitable cross!

Summit view - one of the best

Bolzano hut - luxury at 8,500 feet

Fresh yogurt and fruit for Ian

Apfelstrudel for Liz!

Even the beers here are German

We have spent the last week in our favourite campsite in Europe! Seiser Alm in the Dolomites, just north of Bolzano (home of the Ice Man). Everything about this place is wonderful from the stunning views to the “spa-like” bathrooms, the extensive free bus service right at the door to the 5-star restaurant on site. This place has everything. It is located right at the foot of some of the best hiking anywhere. We could live here……………. Some of you may remember our blog from almost exactly 2 years ago, when we spent time at this same place.

This is a great way to end our time in Italy as we start driving north today.

The hiking has been the most spectacular on the trip by far. It is however a “weird” place. We are in Italy geographically, but in Germany in every other aspect……………. culturally, language (virtually 100% German), signage, polka music and even beer. The standard clothing includes leather trousers, weird hats and frilly skirts…………….. and that is just for the guys! The Germans call this “Sud Tyrol” and they never forgave the Italians for taking this bit of real estate off the Austrians after World War I.

With another 4 big hikes in the last week, we are now at 30 for the trip. Hopefully we can squeeze a couple more in somewhere………………

What we have learned in the last week:

1. When you bump into each other in the washroom block (like a spa here) and one of you says Buon Giorno and the other says Guten Tag, you feel you have really arrived in Sud Tirol.

2. Euro 2016. The European soccer championships are on right now. Ian has been avidly watching the games as they have a big screen set up in one of the tents. Pretty weird though watching England play Wales with the commentary in German.

3. Camper van life. The dishwashing crew has performed heroically, in sometimes difficult conditions for the past 90+ days. So it is pretty strange when on day 95 he “forgets” where he has left the dishes. After a search of the campsite, they are located……………….in the dishwashing room.

4. All the bike rides around here are either lung-bursting up or white-knuckle down.

5. The ultimate civilized place - when you have grunted up a steep trail to a summit at 9,000 feet, you find a hut serving huge deserts German style (see photos).

Travel Trivia

Every week we will give you a trivia question, with the answer given the following week. Remember, no Googling!

This week’s question: Italy is one of the most “active” countries on earth. How many active volcanoes does it have and what are their names?

Last week’s question: In the UK, 75% of people who die are cremated. What is the percentage of cremations in Italy?

a) 5%

b) 15%

c) 25%

d) 35%

Second part to the question. Which country in the world has the highest cremation rate and what is the percentage?

And the answer is………………..b) 15% The country with the highest cremation rate in the world is ………………………… Japan at 99.9%!

Until next week!


Liz & Ian

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