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Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Lake Superior

Everything but sea shells

Arrived in Michigan yesterday afternoon. Last night we had high gusting winds which carried into all of today. A wind advisory was issued for 60 mph winds.

We are still doing things near and around Lake Superior. Today we toured the Keweenaw Peninsula.

We drove to Houghton, MI, home to Michigan Tech Universtiy and it is the birthplace of professional hockey. We crossed the water to the city of Hancock, which is the home to Findlandia University, which was started in 1896.

We went to Eagle Harbor. The Eagle Harbor Light House was built in 1851. In June of 1847, the harbor was still frozen in June. Ships that are Eastward bound are 12 miles from the shore and ships that are westbound are 5 miles from shore.

This area of Michigan was known for Copper mines in the 1840s until the mines played out. Much of the area was populated by people from Scandinavian countries. Many of their people still live here today.

Lake Superior: discovered in 1629 by a French explorer Brule. It is the largest expanse of fresh water in the world. Area: 31,800 sq. miles; 1500 miles of coast; greatest length- 350 miles; greatest breadth- 160 miles; greatest depth - 1333 ft. It is 602 ft above sea level and 21 ft. above Lake Huron.

The 1st steamer on the lake was The Independence in 1845. It came from Chicago and had to be portaged around the Soo rocks.

The freighters on this lake carry more tonnage each season than the tonnage carried through the Panama, Kiel and Suez Canals combined.

The Keweenaw Peninsula is very cold during the winter season. During the winter of 1978-79, a snowfall total of 390.4" of snow fell setting a record. That is over 30 feet of snow. The 54 year average is 240.8" or 20 ft. The all time lowest amount of snow here is 161l.1", which is over 14 feet of snow.

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