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Sandie's first school as a teacher

Free camp at Lawgi Park

20/6/2016 Monday

What a difference the sun makes! Woke up this morning to a gorgeous day, and nothing's changed. Superb!

From our overnight stop to Rockhampton, about 170km, we couldn't believe the number of caravans and motor homes we passed going north - would have to be way in excess of 100. Those grey nomads and backpackers - take over the road they would if we let them!!!!

We stopped at The Caves for a nostalgic memory trip - this was Sandie's first placement in April, 1989 after she graduated and started her journey to become the wonderful teacher she is today.

We continued through Rockhampton - how this city has grown! It's quite a lot of years since we've been here, and we were astounded.

We headed inland after Rockhampton and it was lovely to see what good the recent rain has done here - no smashed crops, no flooded fields, just creeks with running water and crops that looked so clean and green and happy. I saw 7 emus together and Ian saw a road-kill koala and a squashed snake on the road - that's all the native fauna. Lots of healthy looking cattle though.

We stopped at a lovely Free Camp called Lawgi Park, between Biloela and Monto. There is so much space, level and lots of grassed area. A great free camp. We gave last nights camp 10/10 - think this might be another 10/10. We arrived about 3pm with 6 others already set up, and an hour later, there would be double that number, but still plenty of space. They're still coming in.

It's been good to hang out all the wet clothes from Sunday morning, things we've had draped in the bathroom trying to dry out. There's a lovely breeze and lots of sunshine still. We feel very lucky to have a tiny bathroom in this van. The awning was dripping when Ian rolled it out - good for that to dry off too.

We have the Camp Captain in the van behind us. He was here when we arrived, and suggested to Ian that we park opposite him, which we did. Ian had checked out a couple of other spots, but this was the best and although I didn't tell him, my choice. Now he's out telling people as they arrive the best place to park. What a nice man! Mr. Haveachat Ian, is outside talking to him now!

We heard from Pam and Don early this afternoon, that they were broken down on the side of the road north of Townsville. The car boiled, and the RACQ were on their way. Ian thought it might have been the fan belt. Frustrating, but main thing is, they're safe. They are now in a caravan park at Townsville in an ensuite site.

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