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Welcome to the Sign Post Forest

Us in front of the Forest

Carin pointed out another couples sign from San Marcos

Gb showing off

Graham showing "how big" his fish was from this lake

He catched his first big fish

A nice rainbow trout

It's not a beaver. What is is?

Graham made a sign for us to hang up

We are pointing to our posted sign

The red arrow shows where our sign is hung

We stayed at Watson Lake for a few days since we had heard that the fishing was good and the famous Sign Post Forest was here.

Here we are at the Sign Post Forest.

The sign post forest was started in 1942 by a homesick U.S. G.I. While working on the Alaska Highway he erected a sign on a post that pointed the way and stating the mileage to his hometown, Danville, IL. Others followed his lead and travelers are still doing it today. Currently there are more than 75 thousand signs posted. It’s a sight not to miss.

Carin found a sign from someone from Lake San Marcos.

One evening we drove to Rantin Lake and Graham caught two big rainbow trout.

We also saw something swimming in the water that looked like a beaver but turned out it could be a muskrat. Of course it was still light outside, and we wanted to continue fishing, but we had to leave because of the mosquitos. They are everywhere.

Before we left we had to put up our own little sign at the sign post forest. The sign was made from an old panel that came from our RV.

We installed it right next to the wooded platform where everyone stands to take their picture.

See the red arrow in the last picture. We hope in the future to see some other people’s journal post and be able to spot our own sign in their picture.

We visited the local Planetarium and saw a film on the Northern Lights. Since we probably won’t be seeing the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) while we are here, this show was almost like we were seeing it in the sky right then.

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