Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog

Dezadeash Lake

Dust storm

Karen at Kulane Lake Pullout

We didn’t get an early start away from Haines. We pulled away from Oceanside RV Park about 11 am. I poked Tok, Alaska into the GPS and away we went. The bicycle relay from Haines Junction to Haines was happening today and since there is only one way in or out we had to deal with that which meant a 35 MPH average back to the Alaskan Highway (Hwy 1). That was really fine with me because slow is good, I do not feel the need for speed too much anymore, ha! We stopped for lunch at Dezadeash Lake pullout. (pic) Karen warmed up our chicken and dumplins from supper last night, mmm, good stuff! We sat there and ate and watched a swan swim around the lake. The roads were pretty good really until we started going down to Kluane Lake, then we started to get some of the milder frost heaves they were no more than whoop-de-doooos at 30 MPH but don’t hit them any faster or you’ll become airborne. As we were desending to Kluane Lake the air was full of blowing dust and dirt. (pic) We stopped at one of the turnouts and were thinking about overnight there but because of the dust decided to push on. And we were glad we did. (pic) We decided this is our million dollar campsite! Fantastic views and perfect weather. I washed the front of the motor home and windshield then Karen and I went for a walk on the beach where she gathered some small pieces of driftwood. We may stay up late tonight because sundown is sometime around midnight! I'm kinda nervous, we're just a few miles south of Destruction Bay and I have heard some bad stories about the road conditions through there. We're 250 miles from Tok.

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