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RyanAir has an unsatisfied customer

Stairs from our apartment to the shore



That's a lotta pizza




Which way do I turn?


Although it was a frustrating, exhausting day yesterday...thanks to Ryanair and Goldcar rental (worst customer service ever) and the car ride and directions from hell with 5 roundabouts and numerous turns that ended up looking like the city planners were drunk when they decided where to put the roads. At one point we drove up a road that turned to rock and just ended so Susan had to back down it with a mountain on one side and a cliff and ocean on the other. We stopped at a mansion for directions but alas we got only a hello, but no assistance. We finally made it and it's absolutely beautiful; pine trees, mountains, ocean, quiet and serene. Checked out the town of Port D'Andtratx to get groceries, water (you can't drink the tap water) and lunch. Really enjoyed this little town. Many nice restaurants and shops, healthy food, fully stocked grocery store. Many Germans visit here and the town seems to cater to them. Our host for the Airbnb, Caridad, speaks Spanish, German, Cuban and a little English and has lived here 20 years. I could see myself living here if I could just learn Spanish or in this case maybe German. Fully stocked and ready to rest and recuperate.

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