Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog

Karen and Mendenhall Glacier

Chilcat Inlet Lighthouse

The Hammer Museum

We kinda slept in this morning, not too late though. We really didn't have much of anything to do today except getting ready to leave Haines tomorrow. We really like this park, looking out into the inlet and seeing the bald eagles flying or sitting and the occasional cruise ship sailing in to Skagway, that never gets old. While Karen was doing laundry and her inside chores I was busy with some outside chores including dumping the black tank which is always exciting! I think I forgot to mention our side trip at Juneau to Mendenhall Glacier, it was something to see. (pic) The ice is 200 feet thick and the ice field reaches all the way back to Canada. It was pretty cool. Another interesting thing we saw on the way back from Juneau was the Lighthouse in Chilcat Inlet. It's been there over a hundred years and is unmanned now. (pic) The Coast Guard now has it for sale, I don't know how that is going to work? (pic) And how could we forget the Hammer Museum? We didn't go in because of $5 entry fee and also because I wanted to keep my $5. Ha. I knew if Cuz was with us we'd for sure go see it, saving it for a later date. Karen fixed us some chicken and dumplings for supper, I think it is my favorite, thanks, Karen! XO. Tomorrow our plan is to head in the direction (NNW) of Tok, Alaska, we'll go out of Alaska, into British Colombia, into the Yukon and then back into Alaska, whew! Of course we'll have to go through Canadian Customs and then back through US Customs. That's always lots of fun.

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