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Ok, I had to post another day on the 17th. This journal only gives me so much room!!!

At the Chicken Saloon last night, we met wonderful people doing the same trip as us!! No Kentucky folks, but lots of Bama Roll Tide fans!! Who knew we'd see so many!!!

We got up this morning and took a 65 mile , one way, day trip to Eagle Alaska. The road is narrow and all gravel. We only passed 4 cars on the way in and 5 cars on the way out the entire 130 mile trip! Just us and the vast Alaskan wilderness. This town is very isolated and sits on the Yukon River. 80 something permanent residents of Eagle! Once we got there, there was this thriving little town !! Blew my mind!!!!!!! They even had a small hotel and restaurant !! When I say we were in the remote wilderness, I mean the remote wilderness!!!

Most of the residents have come from the lower 48. They came for a visit, fell in love, and never went back. Amazing!!!! Takes a special kind to do that!! In the winter the road out is closed, so you are locked in. Better stock up and be prepared. Planes do make drops if necessary!!

Forgot to tell you that Chicken only has 3 permanent residents in the winter and 27 in summer. It too is locked in for the winter. So everyone leaves. It is a seasonal place along the Top of The World Highway. The highway is closed in winter as well. It's unique!!! I can see how people get bit by the bug to be surrounded in all this beauty and nature. No wildlife sightings though 𯑎

Off to Fairbanks tomorrow!!! Back to the city. Please go google Chicken and Eagle Alaska!!

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