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Karen vs Halibut

Rooster tail

Karen on whale watch

We headed for the dock this morning to meet our tour boat at 8:30 am this morning. We had hopes of seeing some whales and other marine wildlife. The boat we were on they called a fast boat as it would run along easily at 30 knots/hour. It had a crew of 2, the captain and his first mate which happened to be his daughter. We were scrambling quickly towards Juneau, AK when the captain spotted a whale. He slowed the boat and as we were all straining to see the whale, he breached completely out of the water right in front of us! I think I was the only one on the boat to get a picture of him as several asked me to send them my picture. Well as lucky as I was, Karen was equally unlucky as she did not even see the whale. Poor kid. The rest of the way to Juneau we saw some sea lions basking on the rocks, and to say they didn't smell very good would be a huge understatement. Whew! Anyway, at Juneau we had good luck at the Twisted Fish restaurant with some delicious fried Halibut. Waited for them to take us back to Haines and we knew our luck would have to change...... but it didn't. Poor Karen is super disappointed. We'll have to look for whales in Homer, maybe. Tomorrow is a get ready to leave day as we planned on leaving on Saturday. The plan is to head for Tok.

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