E and P Italy Excursion 2016 travel blog

Torre del Parco

Other Side of Torre del Parco Entrance

Greeter at Museo Faggiano

Tiles that were found in the wall that lined the water lines

Down the Stairs into the water tank found beneath the house

Ancient water pipes found the wall

Elton down in the basement and escape tunnels

Elton down in the dead drier

Tools and dishes found in the house

Duomo di Lecce

Got up, headed downstairs for break and then down the road to Lecce. We spent the day wandering the streets and checking out all the monuments and historical sites. We hit the Torre del Parco. Duomo di Lecce, Chiesa di San Matteo, the Museo Faggiano, and Amphitheater. Unfortunately we couldn't go into the amphitheatre as they were preparing it for a ballot that was taking place in two days. The Museo Faggiano was fascinating. The owner was doing some repair work to the plumbing when he stumbled on ancient ruins beneath his house. He since turned it into a museum. The supplied a printed explanation of each room and item found.

Then Elton made me eat lunch at McDonalds. Then back on the road with the CRAZY GPS.

On the way back to Torre Santa Susanna and the Castle. We stopped in at a Vineyard that we had see on the way out. We wandered around taking photo after photo. When we finally found someone he told us that it was closed for the day and we should return tomorrow. The times of operation are between 9-12 and 2-5 maybe. Back to our room it the Castle ... cold pizza and sleep.

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