John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Back In South Dakota

John and I spent time last light with the map. Aberdeen, South Dakota is the right distance for today. It has a Good Sam’s Campground. We are only on the interstate for fifteen miles. All is good.

After the short distance east on the interstate, we head south on eighty-three. We stop in Linton. I read about a store called A Touch of Honey. It is closed. We find a restaurant for a late breakfast.

Fortunately, I ask the restaurant owner about the honey store. “Stop up the road where they make the honey. It is near the John Deere store.”

I doubt that this is going to work but we find the “plant.” In the parking lot, I meet the owner. “Come on in.” It is a great stop!

We continue south and cross back into South Dakota. The roads are straight and there is little traffic. I should take some pictures but I don’t.

We turn east onto Route Ten. Again, the roads are straight and there is little traffic. I look for pheasants but do not see any.

We turn south to Aberdeen. I am a little concerned about the campground. There is a Storybook Park attached to it. We pass the go-carts and castle. We continue on to the campground.

It is a beautiful park. It is Monday. They are not crowded. All the Storybook Park activities are away from the campground. We get lucky again.

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