Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog


Road to Haines

Campsite at Haines

We left Pioneer RV Park around noon with our sights set on Haines, Alaska. We took our time on the Alaska Highway and finally slowed to 45 mph because of all of the frost heaves. Instead of speeding up and slowing down over and over again it was easier that way. Most of them had been repaired and really they weren't that bad. We rolled into Haines Junction hungry and stopped at the Frosty to eat. Canada is pretty pricy, 2 sandwichs fries and a soda plus a shake was $30. Of course one US dollar = $1.30 Canadian. We made it to Haines and scored a nice spot on the water. We're here until Karen sees some whales or we run out of money. The road down here was of course gorgeous. We booked a week here. Oh, on the way to Haines we did see a mama grizzly and 2 cubs, that was pretty exciting! And the picture of the plane is in Whitehorse, it is mounted on a pedestal and it turns in the wind like a giant weather vane!

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