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Ant art just outside Mt Surprise

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Centre of Croydon

Tuesday 7 June

We all co-ordinated well and were ready to leave Mt Surprise by 8.30am.

Marcel and Trudi led the way. With no van to tow, they were a bit quicker. We all met up in Georgetown, did our refuelling and picked up a few supplies. We then enjoyed morning tea in the park across the road. A well maintained park with green grass and lots of trees and shrubs. Also a nicely done Anzac memorial.

Set off again for Croydon where we planned to meet for lunch. Not too far along the way (on a single lane bitumen), we heard the noise one never wants to hear as a stone hits the windscreen! Phew, just a small crack, so as soon as we were able, we pulled over, cleaned it and put the magic spot from RACQ on the crack. On the road again, and enjoying the improved road conditions in the Croydon Shire with all double lane smooth bitumen. Bingo, this time a rock!! Yes, a double shatter this time. First one on passenger side, second one on driver's side. Another stop and this time we needed two magic spots! Let's hope it all holds well until we arrive in Cairns. Pretty sure it will be a new windscreen! That's the breaks (pardon the pun).

We all enjoyed a short walk around Croydon, short being the operative word. Patronised a local cafe, and checked out the local hotel menu for our lunch tomorrow after our Gulflander trip.

Back on the road heading for Normanton along lots of lonnnng straight stretches which reminded us of the Nullabor, except for the surrounding landscape. Just like the Nullabor, one can get excited to see a bend in the road coming up!

Surprised by the green countryside, healthy looking trees, and lots of water holes for the cattle. The Croydon shire sure has better roads than the Etheridge shire, and the good roads continued once we entered the Carpenteria shire.

Marcel & Trudi have a cabin here, as they did in Mt Surprise. They are over the camping bit for the moment. Their cabin at Mt Surprise was much better than the one here, but the park here is very full with the local rodeo on this coming weekend. Luckily we should miss most of that!

Enjoyed a cup of tea together after setup, had a walk around the park, and watched our Swiss friends try out the pool.

Everyone quite weary tonight, so will be a quiet night with an early start in the morning to catch the Gulflander to Croydon, and then return by bus.

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