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On the beach in Southport

Blackpool foreshore

Blackpool foreshore

Along the way

Village along the way

We set off reasonably early and rather than head straight into the Lakes District, decided to head up the coast before heading east. We set off for Southport first and drove down to the beach....and on to the beach. Pete wasn't really sure about that however the sand looked pretty firm and lots of others had done it before us. The beach is very wide...you'd need a cut lunch and water bag to get to the waters edge. I took a few photos and we drove on through the town and set out for Blackpool.

We parked and went for a walk along the seafront. We were in a very commercialised area near the Blackpool Tower....lots of children's entertainment, rides and fun parlours. Not quite our scene. There wasn't any beach in this area, just steps leading down into the water. Very few brave souls in the water. I dabbled my toes just to check the temperature and it was cold. Not sure if it was any colder than the water in Perth in winter though. We bought a coffee and enjoyed the sunshine for a while. It was another beautiful day. We have been quite fortunate so far.

After leaving Blackpool, we decided to visit one more coastal town before heading into the Lakes district and picked Barrow-in-Furness. As it turned out, probably not our best choice. It appears to be a very industrial town that probably services the docks. We were looking for a nice little pub for a late lunch however didn't have a lot of luck. Found a pub with the help of the GPS and guess what, they don't do food in. Sunday. We ordered a beer and one of the other patrons suggested going to the cafe across the road as they do food. I wandered across and ordered a toasted sandwich each and we ate them in the pub while we had our beer.

Off to Penrith, today's destination. We travelled a fair way on B roads, very narrow and as there was lots of traffic, hard work as we had to keep pulling over to let cars go past. We went past Ulverston, Ambleside (very pretty), Keswick and on to Penrith. It was 27C at one time while we were driving along and similar to yesterday, at 4pm, out of nowhere, it started to rain.

Rain didn't last too long and we found the house easily (Airbnb again) and met our host. John was very chatty, showed us around, showed us how to walk into town and then went out. We walked into the town to buy a few bits and pieces for dinner and guess what else I found....my favourite fig roll biscuits. Yum, yum! Had to buy two packets to keep us going. Pete watched the Eagles game (boo hoo) when we got back and I read before lights out. Planning to do a bus tour around the district tomorrow so we don't have to drive.

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