2016 mt surprise reunion travel blog

Ensuites left; toilets, laundry, camp kitchen right

Morning view of pool and dam/river

Walk through the bush

Dry river bed

We're heading the right way!

Getting close to home

Not far now - village in sight

Helicopter coming in to land

2/6/2016 Thursday

I was up early and went to the pool area to send off yesterday's Journal and see if there were any phone or email messages. It was lovely up there with very few people about, sitting in the sun overlooking the pool and river. I came back to the van nearly 2 hours later, and Ian was just getting out of bed. Breakfast, change the sheets on the bed and ready to go and put a load of washing on, when there was a call to play cards. Always tomorrow for the washing! We had one game, then morning tea, and the decision was made to go for a walk up to the shop/office/restaurant area. We chatted with the lovely young lady on reception - she's from Georgetown and would like a husband to share her love of the bush, so I'm on a mission. Don suggested we go for a walk, checked which was the shortest one, got a map, and off we went - leaving at 12 noon. Talk about mad dogs and Englishmen - we must be the mad dogs, because we certainly aren't Englishmen! It was a 2km round trip, with a couple of quite steep climbs, but generally ok, and lovely in the bush. It took us about 50 minutes, and most were ready for a cold drink, lunch and a nap - or read a good book. Trudi was so tired, she didn't bother with lunch, just dragged her mattress outside from their tent, and slept for a couple of hours, something she doesn't normally do, sleep in the daytime.

We all went for a swim about 3.30 and chatted to some people from Kedron - yesterday it was people from Petrie - it's a small world! We had coffee at the cafe, showers, drinks and nibbles and more chat, then each retired and did our own dinner.

We watched the helicopter flying overhead and Don and Ian both said they'd like to do a flight, so maybe tomorrow if they're good boys. The 15 minute flights cost $139, and fly over the gorge. We timed the chopper from the time it left till its return, and it was 11 minutes. Maybe 2 minutes each end for loading and unloading? The pilot is about 19 years old - too young for our receptionist.

This is a beautiful set-up here, and all the staff very friendly. They open in April after Easter and close at end of October. Everything is packed and stored in containers for the duration, then unpacked at the beginning of the next season. This is a big job for the staff, and usually takes 2 weeks.

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