2016 mt surprise reunion travel blog

Bitumen road with mountains in the distance

Now the dirt road

Sign telling us where to go!!

Some of the ant hills and undergrowth

Our camp site before set-up

The pool with river behind

1/6/2016. Wednesday

No rush today as less than 200km. to travel. Just about ready to pull out when 2 couples approached us and asked if we were going - they were coming in and wanted our sites. We left about 9.30am. We were just up the road, leading thank goodness, when Don called on the 2 way and asked if Ian had dropped his set of keys at the dump point. Answer - yes. Thank goodness we were leading, otherwise we could have been at Georgetown before Ian noticed.

Not far out of Mt. Surprise we passed an ant hill which had been carved as the face of an aboriginal. Very clever! The road was pretty good, with a couple of sections of one lane bitumen, but very little traffic on the road, so no real problems except as we were maybe 50m from the 2 lane bitumen, a car came towards us and wouldn't slow down to allow us onto the wider road. Don had the same situation further along the highway. For goodness sake - it wouldn't hurt to wait 2 seconds. Fortunately, those people are in the minority.

We fuelled up at Georgetown, where diesel was the cheapest we've had on the trip, even filling up in Brisbane! 111.9c/lt. There was a queue up at the servo, and no wonder. We had morning tea there, and I bought a few groceries - bread, milk, sm. frozen peas and corn and a packet corn chips - $20. A chap at the next table had a burger which was huge! Now the boys want to stop there on the way back and try one for themselves.

After Georgetown, there were numerous sections of gravel road - or maybe I should say there were numerous sections of bitumen road - on the way to Cobbold Gorge. Mostly it was ok, with a small corrugated section, and very dusty as we followed Don. It was ok if we hung back, but our car and van still ended up with shades of red dust. We passed lots of again, healthy looking cattle, a lot which were on the side of the road, plus a few horses. It was like Ant Hill City - so many of them. After the Forsayth turnoff the trees and undergrowth seemed greener. We'll deviate slightly and have a look at this little town on our return.

We checked in at Cobbold Gorge, found Trudi & Marcel's tent and headed down to the two neighbouring sites, set up and had lunch. It was after 2pm by this time. There is some low bush behind our sites, and a bower birds nest plus 3 birds which visit often. We all went for a swim in the beautiful Infinity Pool - from certain angles it looks like the pool runs over into the river below it. There are free canoes to borrow, and the Amenities block consists of ensuite shower/toilet rooms. This is really upmarket! We showered and went to the restaurant for dinner, Marcel having booked yesterday and requested a table near the pool - which was also in front of the tv, which allowed us to watch the State of Origin game 1, when Queensland defeated NSW 6-4. A good night, and lovely to catch up with Trudi & Marcel.

Oh yes - I'd told everyone that we'd be out of range whilst here - I lied! As of 2016, Telstra Mobile service is available in the pool area. Top marks Telstra!!

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