Almost the Whole Pacific Coast - Winter/Spring 2016 travel blog

We spent all day driving and we're still in the same state where we started. It was a beautiful drive on empty highway, a good way to celebrate Memorial Day. We passed snow capped mountains, rolling green fields, and followed the course of rivers through the high plains. During our entire Maritime Canada trip last summer we tried to see a moose to no avail. Here in a stream next to I-90 one was having breakfast. Too bad the camera wasn't handy. After we crossed the Continental Divide, it seemed like we were going down, but our altitude is still over 3,000 feet. Although the sun is shining brightly, the temperatures are still cool. I'm ready for real summer weather.

It has been disconcerting to see signs at every exit along I-90 that say, "If the lights are blinking, the road ahead is closed." This expressway is vulnerable to snow and drifting all the way through Minnesota. In this was they get people off the road who might become stranded. However, we have to wonder where you go next after you leave a snow drifted I-90. Not an issue today.

Although three different campgrounds are located at our highway exit, we are camped with a few other rigs at a Cabela's. They have a section of the parking lot marked off for the likes of us and a water tap and sewer dump - the opposite of the amenities we got for free last night. It would be easy to make it all the way home without stopping at a real campground with all this free hospitality.

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