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New hose

A pretty good storm passed south and east of us about sundown last evening. It looked pretty intense. I was up at 6 with a mission on my mind. The battery in the Tracker was dead when we stopped for the night. So I got the generator started, coffee going and battery charger hooked up to the Tracker. While that was charging I cleaned off the front cap and windshield then waxed and Rain'Xed.(where is Cuz?) That was tbe most bugs yet for one days driving. I should have taken a before picture but I didn't but I did take an after picture. (See pic) She still looks pretty nice for being 16. She has been a great one! (Knocking on wood) Fairgrounds? Nope. We drove over there and couldn't find the dump station or anyone who knew where it was. We went across the road (281) to the real nice city park, Wylie Park Campground, and got 2 nights with full hookups ($65) - just lucky someone just pulled out of this space and Glamma cabbaged onto it! Yay. Being Memorial Day weekend they are packed. Going to get everything together for a run for the border. Did you notice the picture of my new sewer hose? Well, this was the first time using it and there is nothing as exciting as the first time dump with an unproven hose, your mind runs wild with the possibilities of failure, have you ever seen the movie RV? Thankfully it went as planned with no mishaps.

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