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Enjoying the British Spring

Lunch at the Novotel restaurant

Manchester town hall

Dinner, Italian style

We slept quite well and woke around 6.00am. We then joined Xavier for breakfast in the hotel restaurant at 7.00am and planned our day. The first order of the day was a visit to the mall to pick up a few items, followed by a stop at a tanning salon to check out options for Barb prior to the competition. The walk to the mall took about 15 minutes - a good way to get the blood flowing. It was still very overcast with a thin veil of drizzle and it was a chilly 10 degrees, so no sign yet of the British summer.

Barb picked up a few warm tops and we grabbed some toiletries before finding the tanning salon tucked away in the old exchange building. They weren't able to fit Barb in but provided some great advice on self-tanning options and steered us in the right direction. After a refreshing coffee we strolled back to the hotel. Xavier ducked out to a local gym while Barb did some stretching and Ron just kicked back (hey, someone has to!).

After another great lunch at the hotel Barb and Xavier got into dance mode and spent some time walking through their routines while Ron headed back into town to pick up something for Zoe and to check out a suit shop we had passed earlier. He returned to the hotel around 4.30pm with a the present, a new three-piece suit and (after much hunting) some gold shirt sleeve arm-bands for Xavier's dance outfit. A bonus of the hunt was a chance to see the old centre of the city, including the massive town hall complex.

After a little more rest and relaxation we met for dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. It was a very fulfilling end to a day of solid adjustment to a new time zone. Tomorrow it's off to Blackpool!

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