Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog

Double beautiful sunrise

Iowa 80 Truck stop

We were up early this morning for a beautiful sunrise, oh look, there's a McDonalds. (and a Starbucks) The temperature and breeze were perfect for sleeping with the windows open. Karen insisted that we go for a walk this morning so we did, ending at McDonald's for breakfast. Finally got on the road at 8am, what?!? We were making good time too until I decided that we should go see the world's largest truck stop,; the Iowa 80 Truck Stop. That sounds easy enough but believe me it wasn't. After getting lost in Davenport (no I don't need the GPS) and driving around for awhile (honey where are we?) We finally got out of there but kept hearing what sounded like a horn. The sound seemed to be coming from under the motorhome, kept checking the mirrors and saw nothing until a minivan suddenly appeared along side of me. Someone must have cut him off. :) We'll overnight in Iowa city.

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