2016 mt surprise reunion travel blog

24/5/16 Tuesday.

Yep - on the road again at 9am after being woken earlier than we would have liked firstly by a couple of noisy trucks passing and also noisy neighbours who had an early morning chat next to our van. Oh well, the joys! I think we travelled on the worst bitumen road we've ever driven on between Moura and Bauhinia Downs. It was so bad that at one stage I thought I'd have to get Ian to pull over, as I was feeling so nauseous. The road did improve somewhat, and we stopped at Rolleston for morning tea, thinking we had come across a caravan convention -so many vans with the same idea as us. Continued on through Springsure to arrive at Fairburn Dam/Lake Maraboon just after 1pm in time for lunch. Our sites are fantastic - best in the park we're told, and I believe it. After lunch we drove 20km into Emerald where we went to the library to each print out some email attachments, only to be told that the Internet was down. The lady in the library was not happy, and sent us to an Internet Cafe to try our luck. Bingo! We then hot-footed it to Centrelink only to be told to come back tomorrow! Ok. Pam and Don went looking for a coffee shop, but we decided it was too late and Headed back to the park, driving past the house where Sandie and Steve lived for a few years. Robbie and Dom were both born while Emerald was home to the Mitchell's. It was a lovely house in a lovely area when they lived there, but sadly it is now very run down and untidy, as are all the houses nearby. Pam has shown me how to set up and do this diary instead of cheating and copying hers - way past dinner time and I'm still fiddling. Better eat soon or Ian will perish.

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