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Water heater flush

I really should write all this stuff down while preparing for a trip. That would be too easy, so we stumble through the same lists in our minds trying to remember everything. And we usually do forget something. One time Karen forgot her driver's license and they wouldn't let her in the casino, haha. Started going through all of the basement compartments, eliminating everything we will not need on this trip. Loading all of the things we might need, extra fuel filters, oil filters, spare transfer switch and a few parts we may need. Flushed the water heater, it had been a year probably, that good old Texas water had left a lot of deposits in there, ahhhh that's better. We are missing our Canadian non-resident insurance cards still, (they are in the mail, sure they are) and we hope to get them Monday. Jim volunteered for groundskeeping and postal duty for us while we are gone, thanks, Jim. We got to see Ron and Robin one last time last night. We're getting closer to being ready, today I'll finish up some odds and ends. I better get out there, Cuz is coming over today! Sometimes when I think of the life I’ve lived I wonder how I got so lucky………

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