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Pacific Ocean

House on cliff above the Pacific

Thick Billed Marve (penguin like birds)

Thick Billled Marve

Adelman Peony Farm

Peony Garden

Today we drove to the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful and wonderful experience. I suppose it sounds trite to say it is big, but it is BIG! It really looks different from the Atlantic. The large boulders and rocks sitting off shore are so different for me. We drove part of US 101 with the sounds of waves breaking against the shore and birds flying above the waves and seals playing in the surf. Wow! What a great experience. Lynd took some pictures, but before we could get too far along the 101, a storm rolled in with fog and mist and our view of the ocean disappeared. We drove to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse just before it was lost to our view. We saw Thick Billed Marve (birds) sitting on one of the rocks and Cormorants sitting on another rock. Seals were laying on the rocks, the shore, and playing in the waves.

As the clouds rolled in it became difficult to tell the ocean from the sky. The temperature dropped to 57 and winds picked up and it became quite chilly. So we left the ocean and headed to Corvalis, home to Oregon State. The University is situated right in the heart of Corvalis which has a population of 56,635.

We also drove through Albany, OR with a population of 51,670. We saw lots of fields of hay-type grasses and some areas of nursery flowers. In the town of Adelman we drove into the Adelman Peony Gardens. These gardens are absolutely beautiful. We walked through the gardens and I wanted one of just about every one. Of course that is not possible, but one can always dream. I did pick-up a brochure with pictures and an order form, so we will see.

Tomorrow we head to the Portland area of Oregon and eventually back to the Pacific.

Take care and have a great day tomorrow.


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