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One of the Rhododendrons

The Rose Garden

Pengra Covered Bridge

We left Grants Pass this morning with sunshine and 70 degree temperature. It has been a beautiful day. We crossed over 5 different mountains on our way to Eugene. The scenery was beautiful, lush and green, more like what I think of when I hear Oregon. NO more scrubs and dry, arid conditions. After getting settled in the new RV park, we headed into Eugene to the Hendricks Park. This is a Rhododendron Garden cultivated in 1906. The Rhododendrons are spectacular and they are huge. Everything seems to grow very large in Oregon. This garden is divided into three distinct areas: the Rhododendrons, the native plant garden, and a forest. The garden was begun in 1906, but the Rhododendrons were begun in 1951 and the native plant garden in 2002. This is just outside the boundaries of the University of Oregon.

The University is located right in the city of Eugene. It is a very pretty campus, but seems quite small. It appears to be only a few city blocks wide and deep. Right next to it is NorthWest Christian University. It is also very small. The campus had many Rhododendrons and roses blooming and was very pretty. We never saw any "ducks", but the Oregon "O" was prevalent in windows of the dorms.

Next we ventured to the Owen Rose Garden, also located in Eugene. This was established in 1951 and has beautiful roses of many different varieties. The climbing roses were very prolific and climbed to the tops of some of the trees. Near the center of the garden was a Black Tartarian Cherry Tree. It was huge. It was 15'10" in circumference and 80' wide 60' tall and approximately 130 years old. It was also full of cherries. I have never seen a cherry tree like this. It was propped up all around to keep it from breaking.

Next we drove to the Lowell Covered Bridge. Oregon's covered bridges range from the 1850s to the 20th century. By 1925, the there were 450 covered bridges gracing Oregon's highways and country roads. The original Lowell Bridge was build in 1907, but the current one was built in 1945 and is no longer being used.

The Pengra Covered Bridge was built in 1938 and is still used today. The bridge overlooks the Fall Creek.

It has been a beautiful day. Tomorrow we head to the Oregon Coast! Yea!!

The weather is suppose to start going down hill with cooler temperatures and rain by the late afternoon. Hopefully the beach area will still be lots of fun and beautiful. I am really excited to be there.

Each of you have a great evening and a good day tomorrow. We will be checking in with you again soon. Thanks for the nice comments we are getting, especially Gordon, who writes back to us each day. Thank you Gordon!

Until later. Take care.


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