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Lancashire Lass with wool barge at Wilcannia

Lift Bridge Wilcannia

Wilcannia post office

The Hill, definitely in the outback now…

We left Cobar around 0715 and arrived around 1330 SA time. Today was not a good trip. The window over Carols bed kept opening, one of the catches had snapped so ATM its held closed by clear HD Packing tape, if it comes open again I will hold it closed with a couple of screws unless I have a spare catch somewhere….

Then at Wilcannia I nearly wrote of the van on a sign at the entrance to a servo, I was aiming for diesel pump that had a sign “Drive Through” on it but when I got close to it there was a pencil sign that said “out of order” so I swung around without thinking and hit a sign on the other side…. The van is liveable but will need repairs and they can fix the window for what will be the third time while they are at it….

So anyway you know you are in the outback when your GPS tells you to turn left in 487 kilometres.

Mostly goats grazing wild along the verge, I was braking to avoid a flock crossing the road and a guy overtook me straight into the flock, they run very quickly… Only 2 live kangaroos and 7 emus were the only other native fauna around today…

One day I’m going to be game enough to stop in Wilcannia and take some photos, it’s an interesting town (and now much “tidier” than I have seen it the locals must have got off their bums and realised the potential) and once a large river port, the original lift bridge still stands along with several stone buildings. As a retired Paddle Steamer Captain I’m glad I was not working the Darling River too many times the steamers were stranded for years waiting for rain in Qld to fill the Darling.

We planned to stay at the Broken Hill Racecourse but changed our minds – it’s a bit way out in the scrub so ended up at the “Top Park” on Adelaide road which will be good in the morning when we head for Peterborough…

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