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Indarri Falls from above

Bower bird- note all the trinkets on the ground around the bower

Indarri falls at water level

Falls again

Lawn Hill gorge

The gorge

Archer fish

Lookout Hill- buildings are part of the park- but rest of park,...

6.30 alarm this morning-what a shock to the system and it was still dark!! We are definitely getting further west. We had booked ourselves onto a half day tour to Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park and had to be ready to be picked up at 7.20am. The park very kindly allows you to leave your dogs at your campsite (as long as they are quiet), or offers a doggie day care! We left Ruby and Chilli in their crates and Amber on her bed in the shade.

The entry to the National Park is 10k from Adels Grove, so were there about 8am. We were firstly taken on a very informative walk and shown lots of different bush plants and how they could be used for food and other purposes such as fishing. Saw a bower bird in his bower with all his trinkets on display- very impressive! After morning tea we went on another walk up to lookout to Indarri Falls- (just wow!!), then back to the river for boat ride down the gorge- more wow- just beautiful. The water in the gorge is spring fed and has a high calcium content. The water has a greenish colour but is crystal clear and small Archer fish were easily visible. The boat ride took us up to the base of Indarri falls. The falls occur because change in level of the water in the gorge and the rock formations that have occurred from the calcium in the water. It was an absolutely beautiful morning.

Peter and Jenny came and said hello/goodbye (especially to Chilli!) later in the afternoon. They are heading to Camooweal tomorrow, but we are going to stay another day and then head back to Mt Isa for a few days. It is possible that we will catch up with them a bit later down the track.

Late in the afternoon we took Chilli and Ruby for a walk up Lookout Hill- just beside the campground, from where you can get 360° views of the surrounding countryside- very impressive.

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