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Gregory river camp

Gregory river

Gregory river

Gregory Downs Hotel (bit rough Trev!!)

Gregory River camp

Gregory river

Gregory River

Gregory Downs Hotel

After another lovely walk down by the river with Ruby and Chilli we were back onto the road- mostly bitumen today - Once again, not the most exciting scenery but still beautiful in its own way. Burketown did not seem to be particularly welcoming, so we kept going towards Gregory Downs. The Gregory River, our stop for the night, was absolutely stunningly beautiful. We camped on the river bed, coincidently beside Peter and Jenny, who seemed to be on the same itinerary as us! After a short walk up to the hotel and back, we invited Peter and Jenny back to our camp for Happy Hour. We were having a lovely time when I suddenly realised that Chilli was nowhere to be seen! She had not been on the lead (she is usually very good at staying with us) and had been laying very quietly under the table in front of us all. However, somehow she had magically disappeared without any of us realising, not even Ruby, whom I’m sure would have barked if she seen her go. Anyway, we all took off in every direction trying to find Chilli, who was absolutely nowhere to be found. As it was getting dark, we were really starting to panic, when Peter thought he heard her bark in the distance. Ruby must have also heard her bark and she barked in return- a few minutes later, a very sheepish Chilli came back to camp- thank goodness!! I think she must have seen a wallaby and thought all her Christmases had come at once when no-one stopped her chasing it! She slept very well that night!

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