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Road to leichardt River falls

Same same

Leichardt River Falls campsite- we were camped on rock!

Road train on causeway- right beside where we were camped

Causeway without road train!

Leichardt River falls- would be magnificent when in full flood!

Today we left the bitumen well and truly behind. From Karumba we drove back through Normanton before turning west on the Savannah Way toward Burketown. We hit the red dirt and gravel not long after leaving Normanton, so was an interesting day! The road was quite good in places and quite corrugated in other. The dips and floodways were the most challenging. Even though there is miles of what essentially is pretty boring country, at the same time there is always something to see. The country is always changing, from grassland, to scrubby bush land and back again. We saw lots of wedge tailed eagles today and had some very close calls with wallabies! We had lunch beside the road (see picture)- just absolute peace and quiet, miles from anywhere.

Our aim for camp was Leichardt River falls which turned out to be absolutely awesome. There was no water falling down the falls, but it was very easy to imagine what it would look like in full flood - would be absolutely magnificent. The only trouble is that you would never be able to get to it! I think the only way you would be able to see the falls in their full majesty would be from the air. We were able to get down to the river with the dogs and they were able to have a wonderful off lead run. There were lots of wallabies that headed down to the waterholes at dusk, so Chilli and Ruby had to be forcibly kept in the van after their walk as they wanted to chase every wallaby they saw!

There were a few other campers at the falls including Peter and Jenny, a couple that had been on the same sunset cruise as us at Karumba.

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