South America 2016 travel blog


warming up

meat market










our hotel


train cemetery













old track


the furnace for drying the salt

building made of salt blocks

big pile of salt

filling the bags


the drying table






the salt flats


group picture







lots of salt




James and Richard




the boys






standing tall



our group 18 plus 3 drivers




flat tire


back on the road

Isla Incahuasi






trichoreus cactus




























holding the settting sun


down it goes





a bus stuck on the road



This morning was a later start from the hotel so after breakfast it was out for a little shopping, got big bottle of water and some snacks for the trip into the salt flats, and also got a wool poncho as it is quite cold here in the mornings. Back to the hotel and take my bag down to lobby check out and load into our Toyota land cruiser for the trip each one has 6 people plus the driver, as we are a group of 13 people we pick up another 5 people, we are now a group of 18. The first stop is the train Cemetery on the outside if the town, this is a large collection of the early trains used for hauling the ore from the mines, the shut down in the the 40's so the train were just parked along the the rail station to rust away. Then we are off to the start of the salt flats where we visit a salt plant where some of the salt is dried and packaged. Now we head into the worlds largest salt flat at 12,106 sq km and it sits at 3653 m (11,984 ft), wow quite a sight. Blue sky over head and white salt as far as you can see, a group picture then over to where the flags are at to get another picture there. Now back in the 4x4 and head into the flats finding a spot where we stop for lunch and more pictures with every one trying to get just the right one. There are a lot of 4x4 traveling on the salt flats so we head to the next stop Isla Incahuasi a hilly outpost covered in Tichoreus cactus surrounded by the white salt flats. On the way the 4x4 I was traveling had a flat tire so we had to change it, the the jack didn't work and as our driver was working on it one of the other 4x4 can back looking for us and helped get the tire changed. Now on to the Isla of Incahuasi a hike to the top very nice view of the area, back to the 4x4 and the next stop in the flats for the setting sun. Then on to our hotel at the end of the flats made of salt blocks, they had a power outage so we had dinner by candle light and off to bed been a long day.

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