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Views From the Rim Trail

Views From the Rim Trail

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Bright Angles Trail

Views From the Rim Trail

Views From the Rim Trail

Tusayan, population 558, is a gateway to the south entrance of the Grand Canyon. If, like us, you were unable to secure reservations within the park then Tusayan is where you'll likely stay. A street of hotel/motels, eateries, liquor stores, an information center and one gas station. How small is Tusayan? Well, we purchased milk and tomatoes from a gas station Food Mart as there are no grocery stores in town.

The entrance to Grand Canyon is only a few miles away and our first stop was to the Rim Trail near Mather Point. Everywhere we walked we were surrounded by middle school age children. The kids were loud, rambunctious and acting up, we were in the midst of a massive field trip. Inside the Geology Museum boys were shouting and climbing on the exhibits to get to a window to see a squirrel.

Our 2nd visit we went further into the park to the west end of the Rim Trail. We walked in peace and quiet from viewpoint to viewpoint. This was our first time on this end of the trail and we could look down into the canyon and see the people and mules walking down Bright Angel Trail. This nine mile trail drops 4,460 feet into the canyon and is nine miles long. Looking down the trail zinged and zagged and the people on mules and on foot became tiny dots.

From a bench barely a few feet from the rim, we sat for a long while studying the canyon. The breeze blowing through the trees and the soft scrape of shoes lightly treading the trail behind us were our only companions.

This is our last post of the trip, tomorrow we journey to Prescott to visit with friends then home.

Vance’s out!

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