Where in the world are Wayne and Donna off to travel blog

Holding it straight in the lock

Well done girls, you can give 'er now!

Thames River Path

Beautiful trail - would like to do all 184 miles!

River splits in two and........

This is Thames River island living

Head of the River pub on Mothers Day - every seat taken...

College rowing clubhouses some with neat second balcony viewing decks

Along the river where the punters punt?

A slow start to today as Donna didn’t exactly jump out of bed at the crack of dawn…………closer to the crack of noon!!! Hey, it was long overdue and much enjoyed!

With our walking shoes on we headed through town to find the Thames River. After a few wrong turns and a few blocks in the wrong direction we found ourselves right where we wanted to be! There is a 184 mile trail that follows the Thames from its source through London ultimately ending at Greenwich. We wandered about 6 miles of this lovely path alongside the river through a rural section of Oxford. Shortly after we got on the trail we came to the Osney Locks where we watched a 4 person rowing skull and a 12 person tour boat get lowered before continuing down the river. The girls in the skull were learning how to manoeuvre the locks and it was a bit of a challenge trying to keep the boat straight through the very narrow lock. Wayne cheered them at the other side and they truly appreciated his enthusiasm and friendliness. It was lots of fun watching this as it isn’t something you see in BC.

The closer we got to town the more boating activity we came across until we arrived at the rowing section of the river. Here there were dozens of 8’s on the water, male teams and female teams, with the coxswain perched in the front and a trainer/coach riding a bike, hollering from the riverbank path with instructions based on the computer program he was reading on his bike. Pretty neat! Along the river were 15 or so rowing clubhouses filled with rowing sculls and people milling about all involved in the sport. Some of the clubhouses were like duplexes and others were single occupied. We stopped to talk to one guy polishing up a scull who said there are 33 colleges all with rowing teams and clubhouses along the river. It is a huge endeavour in Oxford and it was fun to watch. Mixed in with the rowers were errant punters that had made a wrong turn and got onto the Thames River instead of staying to the smaller tributary rivers. This made things even more interesting although there was room for everyone as this particular section of the river was the widest we had seen.

Our walk turned along one of the smaller rivers, which was chock-a-block full of punters. We sat on the riverbank for a bit watching the amazing talents and abilities (NOT!) of these young folks all having a grand time. One girl, trying to get the boat to go forward down the river, stood at the very front of the boat and put the pole in the water right directly in front of the boat. Don’t know how she thought this was going to play out but………..surprise!......the boat didn’t go where she wanted it to!!! Before long she passed the pole to someone else but continued standing on the end where she felt it necessary to give instruction and directions – based on her obvious boating skills! Wonder if they ever made it back to shore???

After dinner we hurried back to the St. Mary’s College and went in to their Sunday service. This had been billed as an Even Song so we thought it was a choral service. Turned out to be more of a traditional service but the choir did sing several songs and man were they amazing!!! Brought tears to my eyes and gave me shivers. What voices. Absolutely beautiful. And a fitting end to a wonderful day!

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