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Strange looking plant in our RV park

Chilly morning with frost on the car

On our way to Coolidge, AZ

Farmland throughout Florence and Coolidge

Maybe check this out next time in the area

Coolidge Florence Elks Lodge Pin

We took a different route back to camp

This way took us over the hills, not around

This was a more scenic route with blooming desert plants

We had some colder mornings, which included frost on some of the roofs and definitely on our car. We checked the weather on our smartphones and saw that it was snowing in Benson and were glad that we are here. We tried a few more new places for lunch such as the Golden Corral and Suki’s BBQ.

Kelly & Patricia came by to say goodbye the morning they were leaving and we told them we’d pass through Billings to see them this summer. Hugs and good wishes followed.

One evening we met friends Diane and Andy Hitzel at Barro’s for pizza, who had just arrived in town at their Escapees Co-Op park. It was like old home week in the pizza parlor, for there were many of their friends from the Co-Op park also enjoying a pizza.

Larry spent a day cleaning up my computer and backing it up. Because it warmed up a bit, I did water exercise in pool, not real warm but tolerable. The Jacuzzi has been out of order, big disappointment for Larry, until we saw the manager filling it and he said it would be hot later tonight. Well later, it looked only half full of water so I told the manager when I saw him. There was something else wrong, so he had to order a part for it. Oh well, no Jacuzzi while we are here.

One afternoon we went to see the Star Wars movie. Beautiful theater, lush seating, very comfortable, okay prices for the matinee, but oh my, the sound was way too loud for us. I had to hold my fingers in my ears the whole time. We just cannot go to movie theaters anymore if they have to crank the sound up so loud.

Larry was concerned about some discomfort he was experiencing, he thought he might be passing a kidney stone. Déjà-vu - Seems like we went through this a couple years ago while in Casa Grande.

We decided to find the Coolidge/Florence Elks lodge and pick up another Lodge pin. Our GPS took us one way there and a different way back. There seems to be some hills in the way, so at first it took us around them, through the ranch and farmland of Florence and Coolidge. It was about an hour away.

Very near the Elks Lodge is the “Casa Grande (Big House) Ruins National Monument”. We had visited this Indian ruins many years ago and we could see it from the highway.

When we got to the Elks Lodge, it was packed. They were having a memorial for one of their members, so we squeezed through the crowd to the corner of the bar to purchase a lodge pin and drinks. As we sipped our drinks and chatted a little with members, we were amazed to see so many cowboy hats, huge belt buckles and cowboy boots. This is the most cowboy looking place we have ever seen, more than Texas, Montana or Wyoming!

On the way back, our GPS took us over the hills and desert which was natural cactus landscape and brilliant spring wildflowers.

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