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Having seen 1000 people embarking in Hong Kong, we should have been ready for the organisational chaos of 2000 people disembarking in Southampton......

As before, the majority of issues were caused by Mr and Mrs Ignore-ant, who clearly think that all the prior information about disembarkation procedures is for everyone else, not them, and just do their own thing and then complain when things are not what they expect, and Mr and Mrs Oblivious, of whom there were MANY, who seem to have no idea that stopping a large trolley of their own cases in the only aisle between bags in order to look for their missing one might in any way impact on ANY of the 1999 other people who also need to access this aisle to look for etc, and who want to stop and rearrange the bags on their trolley at the very top of the escalator out of the Baggage Hall in sublime indifference to the pile-up behind them as 1999 other people find themselves unable to step off the escalator...(I should have known that escalators had not finished with us yet!)

See also Hong Kong embarkation : if you tell about 200 people they can have priority disembarkation from 8.45am, do not be surprised when 198 of them turn up at 8.30am hoping to be "first", and end up blocking the doors to the waiting lounge as they know if they go in first, they will come out last......since we had no "onward" time pressure, we really did not mind being numbers 199 and 200 if necessary !

Of course, the downside is that you then have to pick your cases out from the assembled 5000 cases in the Baggage Hall; the very last few people off at about 11am presumably simply walk in and pick up the last 3 remaining bags ? Or two, and wonder where the 3rd could be...?

Finally, finally, after every possible road hold up, we got home - and it is all just as we left it - only very dusty, and with an overgrown garden.

Final holiday planning point; do check supplies of Soap Powder before leaving. Shoving the first of about 10 loads into the machine is NOT the time to recall that, yes, I do remember it was getting a bit low.....

Now to get it all washed and put carefully away - ready for next time ??

Goodbye to our faithful readers, we hope you have enjoyed the blog as much as we have writing it. And we have 1000s more photos and video clips waiting to be seen, you only have to ask !

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